SU Managed Printing - SU Print Queue


Seattle U has a campus-wide printing system. When you click "print" on your document and send it to the SU Print Queue, you may go to any machine on campus, login, and your document will be printed there. Use the Help function on any MPS device to see step-by-step instructions for printing, copying, and scanning. Thicker paper types, such as labels and card stock should be run through the Bypass Tray.


1. Using an SU Workstation or the Virtual Desktop, open the document you would like to print and click File > Print.

2. In the print drop-down menu, select the SU-Print-Queue.


3. Click Print. You may also set advanced printing options before clicking print. 

4. An account selection prompt will appear. Choose either your MPS Print Account (if applicable) or your personal account and click Print to continue.

Your print job will not print until you go to the desired printer and release the job. The print job is tied to your account and cannot be printed by anyone else. Print jobs are held in the print queue for 48 hours. To print the document:

5. Go to any MPS station on campus and log in with your Campus Card or SU username and password.

6. Upon login, you will be presented with the documents you sent to the SU Print Queue.Tap a document to print, or choose Select All.

7. Tap Print

8. When finished, tap Log Out or to use a different function, tap Home.


    See the full Managed Printer guide