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SU Managed Printing - Print From Virtual Desktop


The Virtual Desktop is a Seattle University computer workstation that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Printing to the SU Print Queue means that you can go to any MPS station on campus, log in with your SU username and password, and print your document there. Thicker paper types, such as labels and card stock should be run through the Bypass Tray.




  • The file you'd like to print needs to be in a location that is accessible as though you were logging into a computer lab workstation (for example, your P: Drive, email inbox, Google Drive, etc).
  • Windows users can copy-paste documents from their desktop to the Virtual Desktop, but Mac users cannot.

1. Open the Virtual Desktop and log in. Click here for assistance installing or using the Virtual Desktop.

2. In the Virtual Desktop, open the document you would like to print and click File > Print.

3. In the print dialog box, select the SU Print Queue.

4. Click Print. You may also edit Printer Properties and change the settings before clicking print.

5. Faculty/Staff (and Student Workers with printing privileges) will see this PaperCut window. Choose the account to charge to, and click Print.

Your print job will not print until you go to an MPS station and log in. The print job is tied to your account and cannot be printed by anyone else. To print the document:

6. Go to any MPS station on campus and log in with your Campus Card or SU username and password.

7. Upon login, you will be presented with your document queue.

8. Tap a job to print.

9. Tap Print

10. When finished, tap Logout. To go to the Main Menu and use a different function, tap Home.


Print jobs are held in the print queue for 48 hours

Please Note: If you are a faculty/staff member who is using the Virtual Desktop to print from home, please remember that when you take your laptop back to campus you'll want to plug it into an ethernet cable and restart the laptop. This will ensure that your machine is ready to print on campus again!


See the full Managed Printer guide