SU Managed Printing - MPS Print Groups


An MPS Print Group is a list of people who are authorized to use a certain budget for their printing at Seattle University. All group owners will need to submit a Help Desk ticket to manage MPS groups. 


ALERT: Please be advised that the self-serve method for managing print groups in Outlook is not currently working. Please submit a Help Desk request to edit group membership as needed.



  • If you are a Mac user, you must make these edits by logging into a University PC.
  • Know the name of the MPS Print Group you need to manage. These groups will all start with "MPS" followed by the account code and a description.
  • Be sure your account is listed as “Owner” of the MPS Print Group you want to manage.  Only one Seattle University account can be listed as owner of a given Print Group.  If you are not the Printing Administrator, you are not permitted to make changes to the group. Maintaining correct printing budget access is the responsibility of the Printing Administrator, who will be listed as the owner.
  • To request the creation of an MPS Print Group, please refer to the following support article: Creating MPS Print Groups 
  • To request changes to the manager of a group, please contact the SU Help Desk.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook with your Seattle U account.


2. Open the Address Book by clicking on the icon in the upper right.


3. Search for the name of the Print Group you wish to manage. It will begin with MPS, followed by the account code and a description.  You do not need to enter the complete name of the group, but it is recommended.


4. Double-click the Print Group you want to manage.


5. Click Modify Members. Please remember that if you are not listed as the Owner, then you cannot make or save changes to the group's membership.


6. Editing Users…

  • To ADD a user
    • Click on Add…in the Contact Group Membership window.
    • Search for the user by last name.

    • Double-click the user(s) you want to add, and click OK.
    • The user name should now appear in the Contact Group Membership window.
  • To REMOVE a user
    • Select the user you want to remove from the group, and click Remove.


7. Click OK in the Contact Group Membership window.


8. Click OK in the Print Group window.


See the full Managed Printer guide