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SU Managed Printing - Creating MPS Print Groups


Faculty, staff, and student workers can be added to MPS Print Groups that charge printing fees to an Activity String.  A user can be a member of any number of groups and must select the group they wish to charge at time of print in the dropdown under the “shared account” option in the account selection popup window. 

*Note that this window defaults to “personal account” after each login.



To request the creation of an MPS Print Group

  1. Your print group should be in the following format: MPS-1234567890-Budget_Name
  2. Contact the Help Desk

When requesting the creation of an MPS Print Group, please include

  • The 10-digit activity string
  • Activity name
  • The name and SU email of the individual who will act as Print Administrator (see Printing Definitions) for the group.
  • A list of users* who should be made members of the group to gain access to printing

* Note that the Print Administrator is not automatically made a member of the group and will not have printing access unless specifically requested.

See the full Managed Printer guide