SU Managed Printing - Creating MPS Print Groups


How to request a new MPS Print Group.


Seattle U has a campus-wide printing system. When you click "print" on your document and send it to the SU Print Queue, you may go to any machine on campus, log in, and your document will be printed there.  If you are not printing from your personal account, then it draws from someone's printing budget. An MPS Print Group is a list of people who are authorized to use a certain budget for their printing. Read the following support article to create a print group. 

To request the creation of an MPS Print Group

  1. Your budget group should be in the following format: MPS-12-3456789-Budget_Name
  2. Contact the Repro & Mail Accounting Office at

When requesting the creation of an MPS Print Group, please include

  • The budget number
  • Budget name
  • The name and SU email of the individual who will act as Print Administrator for the group. A Print Administrator manages the list of people who are authorized to use that budget code for printing/copying services.


See the full Managed Printer guide