Student Employee (SE) Account FAQ


Information about Student Employee (SE) accounts. 


Student Employee (SE) Accounts allow SU student workers to separate work data from academic data.  These fully-functional accounts are unique and separate from normal student accounts, and include access to University computers (including VDI), Internet and wireless network access, and Office 365 email/calendar/contacts/OneDrive. Like other University accounts SE- accounts can be granted access (with manager approval) to T Drive, MPS, distribution list, and other University applications.

SE accounts are created upon request by a student worker manager, and automatically disable on June 30th each year.  Student worker managers can request one-year renewals by contacting the SU Help Desk. Student worker managers are responsible for providing the username and password to an assigned student worker.

Which students need SE- Accounts?

Any student worker manager can request an SE accounts for their student worker(s).  SE- accounts allow for separation between a student worker’s “work data and work applications”  and their “academic data and academic applications”.  This includes some - not all - student workers, club officers, advising coordinators, and students who lead on-campus organizations.  Not every student worker will need a SE- account, and not every student worker manager will request a SE- account. 

When/How should I use my SE- Account?

Student workers and their manager should discuss when and how to use an SE- account.  Generally a student worker will use their assigned SE- account to perform work-related job functions.  Popular campus examples include logging in to a campus computer to access or manage job-specific applications; saving data to a T Drive location; or printing to a work-specific MPS budget code.

What shouldn't I use my SE- Account for?

We do not recommend using your SE- account to manage your student academic data.  Use your normal SU account, which was provided to you upon acceptance to Seattle University.

How can my supervisor request an SE- Account?

Student worker managers and supervisors request SE- accounts by contacting the SU Help Desk.  Be prepared to provide the student worker’s first and last name, department, and regular SU email address.

How are SE- Accounts different from SA- accounts?

SE- accounts are fully-functional University accounts that provide computer login, Office 365, wireless, internet, and MPS capabilities.

SA- accounts were only designed to provide access to Seattle University Exchange Email Public Folders.  As of June 2017 SA- accounts are no longer provisioned, and have been functionally replaced by SE- Accounts.  Existing SA- accounts are still functional, however SA- account managers should contact the SU Help Desk to request an SE- account to replace SA- accounts.