Reset Your Mac Keychain


When you log into your SeattleU Mac workstation and receive a message to enter/unlock/sync your keychain, follow this guide to reset the Mac keychain.


If you remember your previous password

1. When prompted to enter/unlock/sync your keychain, enter your previous password.

2. Click Update.

If you don't remember your previous password

Note: These steps will reset your keychain and any saved passwords will need to be re-entered.

1. Ignore the popup by clicking Cancel.

2. When you are logged into your account, open Keychain Access. You can easily find it by opening the search bar in the upper-right corner and searching for "keychain".

3. Right-click on Login in the left pane.


4. Choose Delete Keychain.


5. In the window that appears click Delete References and Files.


6. Restart the computer.