PaperCut Pop-Up Box Not Appearing


Seattle U has a campus-wide printing system. When you click "print" on your document and send it to the SU-Print-Queue, you may go to nearly any machine on campus, login, and your document will be printed there. When you try to print a document, an account selection prompt should appear. If the pop-up box does not appear, please follow the steps in this article.


Windows solution:

1. Navigate: Start > Computer / This PC > Windows (C:) > Cache

Windows drive icon

Cache Folder Icon

2. Find the folder labeled "pc-client.exe-"

shows the pc-client folder that needs to be selected

3. Click into the folder itself and do the following:

  • Click on the green “p” icon that’s for papercut.exe
  • Note: This is NOT papercut-java.exe

Dialogue Box KB 4


  • A prompt may appear that looks like the following:


Dialogue Box KB 5

4. This is normal, just hit “ok” and you should be good to go. Please try printing again. Sometimes the printing pop-up will also appear automatically.

5. If the PaperCut is still not launching. Go back to Start > Computer / This PC > Windows (C:) > Cache

  • Click on the latest pc-client (i.e. pc-client.exe-
  • Check the “Date modified”
  • Delete the latest folder
  • Log-off > Reboot > Log onto your computer again
  • Re-attempt to print

 shows the pc-client folder that needs to be selected

6. If PaperCut is still not launching, please call Help Desk.