Panopto-Uploading Video to a New Folder


Follow these instructions to upload a pre-existing Panopto video to a new folder location. 


1. Go to the station where the video was originally recorded. Login to the recorder.

2. Once logged in, click on the Manage Recordings Tab.

3. Under Uploaded Recordings, click on Set Offline next to the appropriate video.

4. The video now moves up to the Offline Recordings area.

5. Click on Upload to Server next to the appropriate video.

6. When the Choose a Session window appears, select the appropriate folder, name your video and click Upload New Session.

7. The video will now appear in Currently Uploading Recordings as it uploads. Note: Do not log out of Panopto until the video is finished uploading.

8. Once finished, the video will now be uploaded to the server and you may log out of Panopto.