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Outlook Log-in Loop


If you are asked to log into your Outlook program, and it repeatedly shows this page even though you’ve already put in the correct password, you may have a conflict occurring which is preventing Outlook from authenticating.


Repair Steps (Windows-only)

1. Press the Start or Windows button on the taskbar, then click the gear or ‘Settings.

Windows task bar visual

2. Click ‘Accounts’

Displays all Windows setting options

3. Click ‘Access Work or School’

4. Are there any work or school accounts listed with a Windows logo next to them? If so, remove/disconnect them.

Accessing and disconnecting work and school account visual

5. Restart your computer.

6. Re-open Outlook and try to log in again.

7. If it asks you to log in more than twice, please contact the Service Desk at 206-296-5571 or for additional troubleshooting.