Office 365 - Connecting to Mac Mail


Connect Mac Mail to your Office 365 account.



  • Mac Mail is currently incompatible with Maverick OS 10.9. Our technicians are working on resolving this problem.

Please Note: Mac Mail is currently not supported by ITS. 

1. Start Mac Mail .


2.  Click on Mail in the upper left-hand corner and choose Preferences .


3.  Select Accounts .


4.  If you previously set up a Seattle University email in Mac Mail, delete the account by clicking  [-]  at the bottom of the window.


5. Add a new account by clicking [+]  at the bottom of the window.


6. Enter your Seattle University credentials and click Continue .

  • If you receive an authentication notice, be sure to click Connect .


7. In the Incoming Mail Server window, enter the following information, and then click Continue .

  • Account type: Exchange 2007
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • User Name: full SU email (ex.
  • Password: SU password
  • Check or uncheck boxes to synch contacts or calendars.


8. Verify your account information and click Create .


9. As before, open Mac Mail Preferences and Accounts .




10. Select the Office 365 account (ex. and under the Account Information  tab, make sure External Server  is left blank.