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Network Drives - Connect to network drives with Windows 7


Connect to P: or T: drives on a PC running Windows 7.


Each university department and office is provided with a unique, secure T: Drive.  Access permissions to a department's TEAM folder are managed by a T: Drive "folder manager, usually a person within that department.  Any SU faculty, staff, or student can be granted access to a department TEAM folder by that folders T: Drive manager. The P: Drive is a secure network "Personal" folder, that is only accessible by one person. 


  • On Campus - make sure that you have a network cable plugged into the computer or connect to one of the SU wireless networks. Once you are connected, proceed to the next steps.
  • Off Campus - you will first need to establish an internet connection and then connect to SU network, either through our VPN or our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

1. Open the Start Menu and choose Computer.


2. At the top of the window click on Map Network Drive.

3. In the new window select a letter from the Drive drop-down menu.  Use T: for a University TEAM folder, and P: for a faculty/staff or a student Personal folder.

4. Enter the file path of the network drive you'd like to connect to.

5. Select Reconnect at Login > Finish.

6. The Network Folder will appear under Network Location in My Computer.