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Network Drives - Connect to network drives with a Mac


Connect to your P: Drive or T: Drive on a Mac OS X computer.


1. Click on the Go menu. (If the Go menu is not an option, click on your desktop background to make it appear or click on "Finder.")

2. Select Connect to Server.

3. In the Connect to Server window, enter your network drive file path as the Server Address. (see paths below) For the yourusername field below, please enter the first part of your SU email address, example: if your SU email is your username is pmerkel

  • Student P: Drive: smb://oit-stor-stg1/students/yourusername
  • Fac/Staff P: Drive: smb://oit-stor-stg1/fac-staff/yourusername 
  • TEAM aka T: Drive: smb:// 
    • Macs running OS X 10.7 thru 10.9 should use: smb:// 

4. Press (+) to add the network drive address to your Favorite Servers.

Network Drive Mac 1

5. Select the network drive that you would like to connect to, and then click Connect.

6. A Connecting to Server window and progress bar will appear.

 Network Drive Mac 3

7. When prompted, enter your Seattle University username and password and check Remember this password in my keychain; Your computer will display the name of the user currently logged in. If you are using an SU computer, then your SU username should already be displayed. If you are using a personal computer, then you will need to enter your SU username and password. Finally, click Connect.

8. The network drive will now show up in a new window in Finder



9. Repeat Steps 1 through 8 for each drive you need to connect to before continuing to Step 10.

10. Next, we’ll need to make it so that you can find the drive easily when saving items or can connect to it if it doesn’t appear when you sign in automatically, to do this first click Finder on the top left corner of the screen (If it does not say Finder, click on your desktop wallpaper, then the word Finder should appear)

11. Then click Preferences.

12. Click the General tab on the top of the page, then check Connected servers.

13. After checking Connected servers, you’ll notice that the drives you had connected earlier appear on your desktop.

14. Next, click the Finder icon in your dock on the (usually bottom) of your screen.

15. Then a new window will appear.

16. Drag the team and p drive icons you’re your desktop to the favorites bar in the Finder window. (see video animation above)

17. Once you have added both drives to your favorites bar above, right click each icon on your desktop (team and P Drive) then click Make Alias, feel free to name the Alias Team or P drive accordingly.

18. You’ll now see that you have four drive icons on your desktop, opposed to two.

19. Next, we’ll remove the extra icons on your desktop, to do this first click Finder on the top left corner of the screen (If it does not say Finder, click on your desktop wallpaper, then the word Finder should appear)

20. Then click Preferences

21. Click the General tab on the top of the page, then uncheck Connected servers.

You are now connected to the P and T drives successfully. You can access the drives by clicking on their icons in the sidebar of Finder or by clicking on the newly created icons on your desktop