Microsoft Outlook - How to Archive Your Emails on a PC


Archive your emails in Microsoft Outlook.


Archiving emails will free up space in your mailbox. Archiving old emails means that you are removing them from the online inbox and saving them in a file offline. Archived items will remain accessible as a folder in Microsoft Outlook, but not online at Office 365.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook. 

2. Click on File in the upper left-hand corner. 

3. Click on Cleanup Tools > Archive...

4. Select the email folders you would like to archive, and use the drop-down menu to choose a date to archive items.

5. Click Browse and from the options select your P: Drive. Once the P: Drive path is entered, hit OK

Saving your archive to the P:drive will make your archives available on any University computer, not merely your personal work computer.

Your archives will now appear in the left-hand pane with your other folders.