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Microsoft Outlook - Delegate Access on a Mac


Delegate access to your email/or calendar to someone else.


You may need to delegate access to your emails or calendar to allow someone to make appointments for you, or answer emails on your behalf. Use this article to guide you through the proper steps to delegate access to another user.

The first 16 steps are to be carried out by the person delegating access.
Subsequent steps are to be carried out by the delegate.

Delegate Access

1. Open Microsoft Outlook.


2. Click on the Outlook > Preferences.


3. Click on Accounts.


4. If you have more than one account integrated with Microsoft Outlook, be sure that your Seattle University email account is selected in the left menu. Click Advanced.


5. Choose the Delegates tab and click the [+] sign.




7. In the next window, type the name of the person you'd like to have access to your account and click Find.


8. You should see the results of your search. Select the name of the user you'd like to delegate access to, and click OK.


9. In the next window, select the privileges you'd like your delegate to have. Editor is the recommended type of delegation. Click OK to apply changes.


10. Back in the Delegates window, your delegate should now appear in the list. Click OK.

11. Right-click on your Inbox in the left pane in Microsoft Outlook.


12. Choose Sharing Permissions.


13. In the window that opens, click on your delegate's name in the list. (If it does not appear, click on Add User... and find their name as before).


14. After selecting your delegate's name, click on the Permission Level dropdown menu and choose Editor (or the most appropriate level).


15. Click OK.


The delegate can now view your inbox only. If that viewing level is sufficient, then move on to the next steps. Otherwise, for each additional folder that the delegate needs to access, right-click the folder, choose Sharing Permissions, and again add their name.

Delegate Actions

The additional steps below must be completed by your delegate in order to view, access, and use these new permissions. 

1. For calendar access, open the Calendar view in Microsoft Outlook.


2. Click on Open Calendar in the toolbar.


3. Enter the name of the person who delegated calendar access to you, or use the address book button on the right to look up their name.


4. Use the Type: dropdown menu and select Calendar. Then Click OK.


5. For email access, click on the File menu at the top of the screen, point to Open, and choose Other User's Folder...


6. Enter the name of the person who delegated you access (or look up their name using the address book button) and ensure that the Type dropdown menu is set to Inbox. Click OK.


7. In the left mail pane, the delegated Inbox will now appear. You are now set up to send and reply to emails from the delegated account.

  • To reply to email as a delegate:
    Click Reply whilst viewing an email in the delegated mailbox. The From: field in the reply will be automatically set correctly.
  • To send email as a delegate:
    Click New Email. In the email window, a From: dropdown menu should now be visible. Select the appropriate entry from this menu before sending the email.