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How to Move Files From P Drive to OneDrive


Here's how you can move files from P Drive into OneDrive.


P Drive:

1. Plan your migration to OneDrive.

  • Review your data: What can you delete? What should you save?

2. Copy your data! Use the upload button or copy and paste it into OneDrive.

  • When using the upload button, a window will open that allows you to browse to your P: Drive and then to the files or folder you wish to upload. Select the files or folder to upload and click the Upload button.
  • Do not delete your old data until you see it in OneDrive.

One Drive Upload Button

One Drive Filers and Folder Drop Down Button

3. Check your data. Make sure your files are accessible in OneDrive and check to see that everything came over correctly.

4. Clean up! Make sure you remember to delete all the original data you saved on the P Drive, so you know what is a recent copy and so you don't accidentally use old files.

  • Even though this doesn't seem likely, it really does happen! So please, make sure you go through and delete the old files saved on P Drive!

Looking to move files from T Drive? Make sure you talk to your department beforehand; you're probably not the only person who uses the T Drive! Therefore, if you move or copy T Drive data without communicating with your team, this might cause a lot of confusion for your coworkers.