How to Manage a Listserv


Modify and manage distribution lists through email commands.



ActiveSubscriber ( is an automated computer program that runs on the server which can be used to manage listservs. It processes commands sent to it via email messages from the list manager. These commands should be sent from a Seattle University email address. 

1. Compose a new message and enter in the "To:" field. Leave the subject line blank. 

2. In the body of the message, type a command or multiple commands (see list below). Commands must be listed on separate lines. Blank subject lines may generate an error message. The error can be ignored and your commands will still be completed.

Note: Do NOT copy and paste commands from this article. 

Common Commands:

Subscribe (Add members to a list)

Subscribe distributionlist

Subscribe “distribution list with spaces”

Unsubscribe (Remove members from a list) 

Unsubscribe distributionlist

Unsubscribe “distribution list with spaces”

Silent Subscribe/Unsubscribe (Add or remove members without sending them notifications)

Silent subscribe distributionlist

Silent subscribe “distribution list with spaces”

Members (Receive a list of current members)

Members distributionlist

Members “distribution list with spaces”