Getting to Colleague


How to access Colleague UI. 


Please note that Colleague UI can only be accessed while connected to the Seattle University network. If you need to get to Colleague UI from off-campus, please use the Virtual Desktop. For information on accessing Colleague UI via URL, please see the instructions below.

Windows Users: Please note that Colleague UI can only be accessed via Internet Explorer or desktop application. Please see the instructions below to access Colleague UI using the URL (

Mac Users: To access Colleague UI, you must first download Microsoft Silverlight plug-in and use the Safari browser. Please see the Mac Users instructions below. 

Windows Users-Using the URL:

1. Open Internet Explorer and type the following URL into the top bar:

2. When the Colleague UI launcher opens, select Click here to launch UI...

You can bookmark the link for future reference:

1. Once you are at the launcher screen for Colleague UI, select the Star.

2. Select the Dropdown Arrow, and then either Add to favorites… or Add to Favorites bar.

Mac Users-Using the URL

Pre-Requisite: Download Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.

1. Open Safari and navigate to Select Click here to launch UI 4.6.

2. In the top menu, go to Safari, then Preferences.

3. In the Security tab, click Plug-in Settings.

4. Find the Silverlight plug-in. In the dropdown menu, turn Silverlight On for the Colleague URL and click Done.

5. Refresh the Colleague page and log in.

If you have any questions about getting to Colleague UI, please email

To request new or updated access to Colleague UI, your manager must complete the Colleague Access Request form on the ITS Forms and Requests website.