Encryption Check - Windows


Checking if encryption is enabled on a Windows computer.


  1. To determine if encryption is enabled for a Windows system, first click on the search icon in the lower left of your screen.
    screenshot of the windows desktop
  2. Type in the term "Bitlocker."
    When you type in the term ‘bitlocker’ the search window will display “Manage Bitlocker.”  If you do not see a “Manage Bitlocker” option, it means you may have typed the phrase in too fast for Windows to have completed a search.  Try it again, more slowly.

  3. Click on the Mange Bitlocker box.
    screenshot of the bitlocker search tab

  4. When you click on Manage Bitlocker, a new window will open up, and will let you know if it is not encrypted:
    screenshot of BitLocker turned off

    Or, if it is encrypted:
    screenshot of BitLocker turned on