Connect to T:Drive with a Mac-Permissions Error


When attempting to access a T:Drive folder you have permissions for, you may receive a permissions error notice. Follow these instructions to access your folder on a Mac.


1. Attempt to connect to the T:Drive folder by following the steps outlined in the following support article: Connect to Network Drives with a Mac.

If you receive a permissions error popup like the example below, please skip to Step 2.

2. Verify that the T:Drive is connected. To do this, open Finder and look under the Shared section in the sidebar. This will show a T:Drive icon on the Desktop if connected.

You can also complete this step by clicking on Finder in the grey menu bar at the top of your screen. Click Preferences and then select Connected Servers in the General tab of the Finder Preferences pop-up window.

3. If, when you double-click on the preferred folder and you receive the error notice, eject the T: Drive.

4. Connect back to the server (for instructions, please visit Connect to Network Drives with a Mac). 

5. When prompted for a path to the T:Drive you want to access, add your desired folder in the following format. In this example, you would enter this path if you were trying to access the "College-Nursing" folder.


6. Once the folder opens, drag the icon down to the Stacks area in your Dock (the small segment of Dock near the Trash icon). Do NOT move it to an existing folder.

From now on, you can open the folder by clicking on the icon in your "Dock." Example: Moving an Information Technology folder to the Dock.