Campus Card - Money Accounts on Your Card


Compare money accounts associated with your campus card.



There are four money accounts associated with your campus card. Cardholders can see all four accounts online through your eAccount, and may add funds online to two accounts. 


Dining Dollars: The set meal plan that you have paid for through Housing and Residence Life. You are able to roll over $250 to the next quarter from meal plans 1-5, and all remaining funds from meal plans 6 & 7.For more information on meal plans, please see Housing and Residence Life's information on meal plans.

Meal Plan Deposit: Intended for card holders to add additional funds they might need to purchase food and drinks at Chartwells Locations on campus. This is separate from your actual Meal Plan or your Rollover funds, and has no limit on how much can be rolled over to each quarter.

Rollover MP: Intended for those Dining Dollar rollover funds. This account holds rollover funds from the previous quarter until the end of the school year at which time all funds are removed from the card.

One Card: The miscellaneous account associated with Campus Card. It may be used for all non-Chartwells purchases such as the Campus Store, SUperCopy, laundry services and printing. This is separate from your Dining Dollars or Meal Plan Deposit accounts, and it has no limit on how much can be rolled over to each quarter.





When you log into your eAccount, this is what you'll see. 



  • Often there can be confusion between Dining Dollars (your meal plan) and Meal Plan Deposit. When you purchase food on campus, the register is only showing one account. For example, if you have $1 left on your meal plan/Dining Dollars, and added $100 to your Meal Plan Deposit account, the register will read $1. Once you spend all the money in one account, it will automatically switch over and start deducting funds from the other account.
  • Use your eAccount to make deposits and track your spending online. Visit to sign in with your SU username and password.
  • Guests like family and friends may deposit funds into your accounts through Student Financial Services, or online through eAccounts so long as they know your last name and Student ID number.
  • If you ever feel that you need to transfer money from one account to another, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (206) 220-8020
  • If your campus card is not working to buy food from Chartwells locations, please contact Housing and Residence Life, and they can confirm with you if your meal plan is properly set up. Phone (206) 296-6305
  • If your campus card is not working for meals AND it's not working to swipe you into your residence hall or elevator, please contact The Help Desk at (206) 296-5571