Campus Card - How to Log In & Add Money to Your eAccount


Add money to your eAccount online



1. In your browser, go to the eAccounts home page and log in using your SU credentials:



If you have previously created an eAccounts account, you will receive the below message. This message does not require a response, but is merely a confirmation that you have transferred your account successfully.



2. On the Make Deposit screen make the following selections:

  • Under Deposit Type, choose a specific amount to add, or choose a target balance and eAccounts will calculate the deposit for you.
  • Under Deposit Amount, enter a dollar amount.

3. Click Next.



4. Enter your payment information and click Submit.



5. Review the information you've entered and complete the deposit by choosing Make Deposit.



6. Enter up to three email addresses where you would like to send the receipt and choose Send Receipt.