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Apple iOS - Mobile Printing


Efficiently print from virtually anywhere on campus by utilizing the mobile print function from your iPhone or iPad device.



First Time Setup

See Apple iOS - Mobile Printing Set Up



1. Connect to the campus SU secure Wifi. Need help? Please review Connecting to
SU-secure – iPhone/iPad

Please note mobile printing is not available over SU-guest Wifi.  

2. You will need to access the PaperCut web client. To do so open your browser
and go to

The PaperCut web client will require users to login each time before sending a
job to the print queue. To shorten this process, you can create a shortcut to yourhome screen, or add the webpage to your bookmark favorites depending on your
version of iOS

Printing via email and connecting your mobile device to the su-print queue:

Email printing 1Email printing 2Email printing 3Email printing 4Email printing 5Email printing 6

Printing from your photos:

Photo printingPhoto printing 2Photo printing 3Photo printing 4

3. When you are ready to print make sure to sign in with your SeattleU username
and password then select ok. See step 5 for how to send your print job to the suprint

You will need to access the Papercut web client via your homescreen shortcut or
bookmark to continue printing or open your browser to continue

Printing from a personal account:

 PrintingPersonal Account 1Personal Account 2Personal Account 3

Printing from a shared account:

PrintingShared account 1Shared account 2Shared account 3

4. You can now retrieve any print job from any printer on campus by swiping your
ID or by entering your SeattleU username and password.