Android Devices - Mobile Printing Set Up


Set up your Android device to efficiently print from virtually anywhere on campus by utilizing the mobile print function.


1. Connect to the campus SU secure Wifi. Need help? Please review Connecting to SU-secure - Android.

Please note mobile printing is not available over SU-guest Wifi.  

2. You will need to access the “Mobility Print” app from the Google Play Store.

Select install and open.


3. Once the Mobility Print app has been installed you will need to make sure the app is

turned on and connected to SU-Print Queue.

To do so select “Android Settings” > Swipe right to turn on Mobility Print >

Confirm Mobility Print is connected to SU-Print-Queue.

Android - mobility print app 1 Android - mobility print app 2Android - mobility print app 3

4. You will need to access the PaperCut web client. Open your browser and go to

The PaperCut web client will require users to login each time before sending a

job to the print queue. To shorten this process, you can create a shortcut to your

home screen

Create a shortcut to your home screen:

Android - homes screen shortcut 1Android - home screen shortcut 2Android - home screen shortcut 3

You may now exit the browser to locate the Papercut Home Screen

Android - home screen shortcut 4

5. Return to the Papercut web client to continue with the login process by going to

your browser and typing in

Logging into the Papercut web Client:

Enter your SeattleU username (this does not need to be your full email address)

and password > Select “Remember me” > login.

Android - papercut 1 

Once logged in you can now view your Papercut balance

 Android - papercut 2

6. You can now select and print any job (document, photo, etc) from your mobile