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Adding A Shared Mailbox to Outlook for Windows


How to add a Shared Mailbox to your Outlook account.


Outlook is sometimes able to detect what shared accounts we have permissions to. If it is able to do so, the shared email account will automatically show up underneath your primary user inbox in Outlook.

screenshot of a shared mailbox in outlook

If Outlook is unable to do this automatically, you can always manually add the shared account by taking the following steps,


To add shared mailbox to Outlook:

  1. In Outlook click on File
  2. Click on Account Settings and then Account Settings again from the dropdown menu
    screenshot of account settings
  3. Highlight your email address and then click on Change…
    screenshot of highlighting email address
  4. Click More Settings…
  5. Click on the Advanced tab
    screenshot of advanced tab
  6. Click on Add…
  7. Type the name of the shared mailbox and click OK
  8. Click Apply
    screenshot of clicking apply
  9. Click Next
    screenshot of Next
  10. Click Finish
    Screenshot of Finish