Add Public Folder to Favorites in Office 365


NOTE: Microsoft has discontinued support for public folders, which makes it challenging for our Technical Operations team to repair or access mail-enabled public folders. This is a known problem that is affecting many users on campus. 

If you are the owner of a public folder, contact the Service Desk to migrate it to a shared mailbox. Shared mailboxes are better suited for this purpose and supported by IT Services. With a shared mailbox, you will have the functionality you require in a much more reliable format. A shared mailbox will also allow you to manage the mailbox and permissions without having to involve the Service Desk in most situations.


1. Log in to the Office 365 web application ( using your SU credentials. Make sure that you are in the mail application. 

2. Look at your folder list. If "Favorites" is not visible, click More.


3. Right click on Favorites.


4. Choose Add Public Folder to Favorites.

5. From the list of public folders, select your desired folder and make sure it is highlighted.

6. Click Add to Favorites (located at the top of the page).

8. The folder you added will show up under your normal inbox folders