Andrea Roberta Martinez

Andrea Martinez

Help Desk Student

Phone: (206) 296-5571


My job at SU in one sentence:

My job at SU is to serve its community by offering friendly and efficient customer service to those with technology related requests and concerns.  

Past professional experience:

I previously worked for a Nonprofit called The Culture of Peace Alliance and worked as a Nonviolence Trainer, Youth and Peace Conference Coordinator, and  Circle Facilitator 


I am double majoring in Humanities for Leadership and Psychology and double minoring in Sociology and Catholic Studies.  

Favorite sports teams:

As an Arizonan, I root for any Arizona team! 

Favorite Book:

5 Love Languages

Favorite TV show:

Friends and The Office

Coffee order:

Hot Chocolate


A beautiful Golden Retriever and Rottweiler mix named Gorda. 

Favorite vacation spot:

Anywhere visiting family

Most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten:

A honeypot ant.