Erika Boettcher

Erika Boettcher

Help Desk Student

Phone: (206) 296-5571


My job at SU in one sentence:

Help triage and troubleshoot technology related requests and concerns for the entire community at Seattle University. 

Past professional experience:

Worked in the IT Dept. at my high school


B.S. in Computer Science

Favorite sports teams:

Team USA during the Olympics and the Seahawks during the rest of the year 

Favorite Book:

Lord of the Rings

Favorite TV show:

Parks and Rec, The Office, and like all reality tv 

Coffee order:

1) One of the fruity lemonade refreshers, light ice, extra fruit, extra lemonade

2) Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino with cold brew whipped cream

Favorite vacation spot:


Most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten:

a potato