Guest Accounts


Temporary accounts are available to provide access to select internal systems, including the guest wireless network SU-guest and the Internet. This page contains information on the different temporary account types and the resources they can access. 

What Types of Guest Accounts are Available?

Guest - Provides access to select internal systems including classroom podium computers, Lab computers, the guest wireless network SU-guest, and the Internet.    

Wireless Internet Only - Commonly used for event attendees that only need wireless access to the Internet.

Vendor - Commonly used for contractors. Provides access to select internal systems, select department-specific systems, guest wireless, and VPN.

The table below indicates what resources can be accessed by each account type. 

What is the Life Span of a Guest Account?

Guest and Wireless Internet: default is 7 days, max is 30 days.                                                                                                                            

Vendor: default is 7 days, max is 180 days.

How are Guest Accounts Requested?

A SeattleU staff or faculty member must request and sponsor the Guest account.  Submit an email to with the guest's full name, dates they will be on campus and the sponsor's email address. 

What are my Responsibilities when using a Guest Account?

Users must change the password before using the account.  Go to to change the password.          

Users must follow and abide by the Computer Acceptable Use Policy published at .

Using SU-guest

Users are encouraged to review the supporting web page Connecting to SU-guest for information on connecting to SU-guest and authenticating.