Sprint Schedule

What is a Sprint?

A sprint is a set period of time where specific project tasks take place. Planning meetings happen before each sprint to determine what work will be performed during that time. After each sprint cycle, the team meets to review the success and areas of opportunity for the next sprint. 

Sprint Schedule

Please select one of the sprints below for schedule and work details. 

For completed sprint details, please visit the Completed Sprints page.


Sprint 9

Start DateEnd Date
7/2/19 7/19/18



  • Encumbrance Cleanup (Part 3 of 4)
  • Project Codes (Discovery)
  • ProcureSU: Changing Budget Numbers in Invoicing Stage (Discovery)
  • UBO: Grad Enrollment by Fiscal Year & School/College Report
  • Grad Funnel Updates 18-19 Changes
    Enrollment Activities Monitoring Migration
  • Grade Distribution for Faculty Reviews


HR/Faculty Services

  • User File IDF-Temp Staff

Identity Management

  • Organizational Hierarchy Workflows
  • Build and Configure MiM Dev Environment
  • Load baseline Organizational Hierarchy Data into Dev


  • Report Development
    • Vet Graduation Application Report
    • SFS: Build out views in ReportBuilder for Law & non-Law
    • SFS: Customize 4 RLPC Reports
    • GL Activity Summary and GL Account Actual Detail Reports
    • UBO: Enrollment by Student Type Report


  • Engage Discovery Session

Student Financial

  • Update WebAdvisor memo for Student Account Center
  • Updating PERSON.AR > PAR.USER1 field (Part 1 of 2)
  • XWTE Saving Files (Discovery)

Student Records

  •  CLSS Leepfrog to Colleague Bridge (Part 3 of 3)


  • Slate Work Breakdown Structure
  • TargetX Online App
  • Program Code Updates for Colleague 18-19

Sprint 10

Start DateEnd Date
7/23/19 8/9/18


Sprint 11

Start DateEnd Date
8/13/19 8/30/18


Sprint 12

Start DateEnd Date
9/3/19 9/20/18


Sprint 13

Start DateEnd Date
9/24/19 10/11/18


Sprint 14

Start DateEnd Date
10/15/19 11/1/18


Sprint 15

Start DateEnd Date
11/5/19 11/28/18


Sprint 16

Start DateEnd Date
12/3/19 12/20/18