Single Number Reach

The Single Number Reach feature allows users to answer incoming calls to their extension on either their desk phone or on a mobile phone. Users can pick up active calls on the desk phone or the remote phone without losing the connection. This enables callers to dial a single number to reach the phone user. Calls that are not answered will be directed to the extension's voicemail.

Additional details:

  • Does not require an application on the cell phone.
  • Can be used with either personal or SU-owned cell phones.
  • The Seattle U phone number must be allocated to an individual. Department main line numbers and call center numbers are not eligible.
  • If the call is not answered the caller goes to the voicemail of the SeattleU number, not the mobile phone voicemail.
  • The default schedule for calls to ring on the mobile phone is 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. An alternate schedule for different times and/or days of the week can be requested at setup. Schedule change requests should be limited to one per quarter.
  • Departments will incur long distance charges if the cell phone number in a Single Number Reach configuration is outside the 206 area code.

To request this service, please fill out our Telecom request form.