Training Resources

Within the InformSU platform, Power BI training has been designed to introduce the new tool with the roll out of specific reports and dashboards. While in-person training interactions will be prioritized, plese join us for office hours, other training resources and methods are offered. Online resources, both those developed internally and externally, below are broken out. 

InformSU Power BI Office Hours

11/5/19 9-10:00AM ENGR 308
11/21/19 12:30-1:30PM PIGT 207
12/12/19 1- 2:00PM ENGR 308

Open to all Power BI report users.

InformSU Power BI Advanced User Training

12/4/19 9AM-12:30PM HUNT 110

Must have some general knowledge of Power BI. Sign up for on EngageSU.