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Users access to InformSU will be approved by the appropriate Data Steward prior to running reports and viewing data in Operational InformSU and/or Power BI. User toolset access will be tailored to business needs and reporting availability. As Information Technology Services (ITS) and Institutional Research (IR) develop and roll out data models through Power BI, new reports and those replacing existing operational reports will be added to the InformSU Workspace in Power BI. These reports will then be available to active users from the InformSU Workspace. 

As functionality is added in Power BI, operational reports will not be automatically removed or deactivated. Should any operational reports be identified for deactivation by leadership, impacted users will be notified in advance. The two reporting tools will continue to exist so that InformSU continues to maximize existing assets and campus users’ business needs are sufficiently addressed.

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Note: Mac users can access InformSU SSRS via Virtual Desktop or by following instructions on the following support article: .