Data Warehouse Explained

Current Operational InformSU is in the process of being updated in order to expand reporting abilities and improve overall functionality. This need is being driven partially by the fact that our previous reporting tool, SUDDS, is no longer supported. However, the predominate driver is the ability to provide cost effective and easily consumable data directly to stakeholders to meet the dynamic needs across Seattle University.

In order to fill this need, InformSU is moving to a cloud based data warehouse service through Amazon Web Services (AWS), called Amazon Redshift. A data warehouse is a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make better informed decisions.

Data flows regularly into a data warehouse from SU systems. The current Operational InformSU only includes Colleague and soon to-be-retired SUDDS, but under Amazon Redshift InformSU will have the ability to expand to other SU systems, such as Canvas, Slate, etc. Amazon Redshift will act as a database in the Cloud, linking Seattle University system’s data.

An infographic of Amazon Redshift

InformSU will have enhanced access to data through Amazon Redshift. In order to provide self-service reporting, users will have access to InformSU through a business intelligence tool, Microsoft’s Power BI. Power BI will act as a self-service analytics tool, creating enriched functionally in Operational InformSU, including the ability for users to create reports and analytics, schedule reports to run automatically, send reports and have dashboards with responsive designs.

InformSU MicrosoftBI Infographic

The newest iteration of InformSU will provide users direct access to self-service data and create a sustainable future for Seattle University’s reporting needs.