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InformSU is Seattle University’s platform for meeting the institution’s reporting needs. Our current reporting abilities can be accessed through Operational InformSU. However, the InformSU platform is growing and will encompass a new tool, Microsoft Power BI, which will create further reporting and analytical abilities. More information can be found in the About Power BI section, however, Operational InformSU will still exist as we gather requirements, build reports and train end users in Power BI. Some reports may always exist in Operational InformSU due to the nature of their requirements, but Power BI will offer new reporting capabilities, simple visualizations, custom dashboards, and further enhancements. The InformSU platform will provide improved reporting capabilities while utilizing the latest best practices in data warehousing tools and solutions. The reporting and analytics that InformSU provides will set the university up for success now and in the future.

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 Note: Mac users can access InformSU via Virtual Desktop or by following instructions on the following support article: Access InformSU on a Mac.

Historical reporting is still available through the SUDDS reporting tool. SUDDS has only been updated with data through Fall of 2017 and is only available to legacy SUDDS users.