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About Computer Refresh Program - CRP

  • Overview

    Seattle University's Office of Information Technology (OIT) manages the Computer Refresh Program (CRP). This program ensures that University faculty/staff workstations are stocked with the latest technology. SU has hundreds of computer workstations, and we schedule maintenance and replacement for just about all of them. 

    The Latest in 2015

    OIT is making the current CRP list of computers that have been identified as up for refresh within each department. 

    This year’s refresh is primarily focused on desktop computers purchased in 2010 and laptops purchased in 2011. These are Lenovo M58, Lenovo T410/T420, and possibly Dell 755. If your assigned computer is not listed, complete a CRP form and email it to the help desk.We will look at each submission on a case-by-case basis. 

    If you have questions,please contact the SU Help Desk at ext. 5571 or see the contact information in the sidebar.

     We are currently doing the XP Upgrades and any XP upgrade that should be getting a new computer is getting refreshed.  Once all XP Upgrades are done, we will move toward completing the rest of the computer refreshes.

    Computers To Be Updated 

    ADAL           ADMN          ARRP         BANN          BELL            CAMP

    CASY          CHRY           CLMB         CNFA           CONN           EGRN

    GARR           HUNT          JMTW         LEML           LOYA           LYNN  

    PAVL            PIGT            RINA          SLLH           STCN          USVC        


    If you do not see your computer listed under the building (using the name of the computer), complete the form below and email it to the and/or