Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop is exactly what it sounds like - a Seattle University computer workstation that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and web browser. When you log into a computer lab workstation on campus, you're using the Virtual Desktop. Through the Virtual Desktop you have access to the following:

  • Software
    The Virtual Desktop gives you access to any of the computer lab software. For a list of Virtual Desktop software, please reference the VDI Software List below.
  • T: Drive
  • Printing
    The Virtual Desktop allows you to send documents to the SU print queue. 

Accessing the Virtual Desktop

Seattle University students, faculty and staff can access the Virtual Desktop via the following ways:

 VDI Main Software Pool

Standard Apps

Adobe Acrobat Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome Internet Explorer
     Chrome – Read Aloud text to speech extension ImageNow
IBM SPSS Statistics Java Java
     IBM SPSS Statistics 24 PuTTY
     Python 2.7 IDLE (PythonGUI) Python
     Python 2.7 Manuals      IDLE(Python)
     Python 2.7 Module Docs      Python 3.7
     Python 2.7 (Command Line)      Python Manuals 
     Python 3.4 IDLE (PythonGUI)      Python Module Docs 
     Python 3.4 Manuals 
     Python 3.4 Module Docs RStudio 
     Python 3.4 (Command Line)  Microsoft Office 2016 Tools
Microsoft Office 2016       Database Compare 
     Access      Office Language Preferences
     Excel      Office Upload Center 
     OneDrive      Spreadsheet Compare
     OneNote       Telemetry Dashboard for Office
     PowerPoint      Telemetry Log for Office 
     Publisher  VLC Media Player 
     Word WinSCP 
SageMath 8.1  


GMetrix Skills Management GMetrix Test Resource Manager
Palisades Decision Tools (@RISK)  


Circuitscape Vortex10


ChemDraw Prime MestReNova

Computer Science

ChemDraw Prime MestReNova
Anaconda Alice
     Anaconda Navigator Inkscape
     Anaconda Prompt  Microsoft Expression Web 4 
     Jupyter Notebook  Microsoft Expression Web 4 SuperPreview 
     Reset Spyder Settings MySQL Workbench 
     Spyder NetBeans
Notepad++  ScratchUmlet

Electrical Engineering

Modelsim NI Launcher
NI Multisim 14.2 NI Ultiboard 14.2


Alma SU-Primo
Refworks - Write-N-Cite Plugin for Word  


MATLAB Wolfram Mathematica

New and Continuing Studies 

Git GitHub Desktop
Node.js Visual Studio Code


Self Service Zoom



For a pdf list of Virtual Desktop software, please reference the VDI Main Pool document.

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