Students, faculty and staff can print to any MPS device on campus through the SU print queue. When you click "print" on your document and send it to the queue, you may go to any machine on campus, swipe your card, and your document will be printed there.

Printer Functions

Each MPS device provides the following functionality:

Print Groups

If you are a staff or faculty member, you will have the option of charging work-related print jobs to your department's print group. Supervisors must submit a request to the Help Desk for new employees to be added to print groups.

Device Requests

Faculty and staff can request a new MPS device or an existing device to be moved by submitting a new device or device relocation form to the Help Desk.

Printing Access

University Computers

If you are printing from a university computer, your document will automatically be sent to the SU print queue when you click "Ctrl + P." Once your job is sent to the queue, it can be released from any MPS print station on campus. 

Personal Printing

To print from a personal computer, you need to download Paper Cut. Please see this support article for Mac and PC information: Print from Personal Devices

Guest Printing/Copying

University guests who wish to print must purchase a preloaded guest card from SUperCopy (Pavilion 010). Please see the following article for instructions on using your guest card: Print/Copy Guest Cards

Printer Locations

For a list of printer locations, please visit the Open Access Printer Locations support article.

Printing Fees

Printing for students will be charged to their personal account. Every Seattle U student is allotted $6.88 in free printing every quarter. Faculty and staff will have the option of charging print jobs to either their personal or department print group. Faculty, staff and students can add their own money to their eAccount if they need additional funds to print.

All printing charges are based on per page of ink:

  • For printing and copying, clients are charged $0.06 to print a one-sided black and white page. Clients are charged $0.12 for a double-sided black and white page.
  • For printing and copying, clients are charged $0.1175 for a one-sided color page. Clients are charged $0.235 for a double-sided color page.  

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