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Office 365 provides Seattle University students, faculty, staff with modern - and useful - tech services, including Seattle University email, online file storage, and access to popular Office applications like Word and Excel. And SU alumni keep their email address for life.

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What features come with my Office 365 account?

  • Seattle University email account (email, contacts, calendar). As of May 2014, Office 365 accounts include 50.0 gb storage
  • OneDrive access
  • Access to online versions of Office programs including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Free downloads of Microsoft Office on up to 5 Mac/PC devices

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud service. Where is my data stored?

Seattle University's Office 365 data-emails, attachments, files stored in SharePoint and Groups and OneDrive-lives on multiple sychronized data centers within the United States, and does not move outside the country unless you manually move it.

Is my information secure?

Information stored on hard drives and info that moves within Office 365 is secure. For more information on Office 365 security, please visit the following Microsoft resource: Microsoft Office 365 Security. 

How do I access my Office 365 account?

Please visit to log in using your SU username and password.


Who gets an Office 365 account?

All Seattle University faculty, staff, students and alumni automatically have Office 365 accounts. Your Seattle University username and password is also your account login for Office 365. 


What features come with my Office 365 alumni account?

A Seattle University email, contacts, and calendar with 50.0GB of storage.


How do I download Microsoft Office onto my Mac/PC/device?

Go to, log in with your SU username and password, and choose your software to install.


When I go to the link to download MS Office for my mobile device it says that I can't!

Please visit again, but this time tap on the "Phones and Tablets" link on the left. Select your mobile device and follow the links to your app store to download.


What is the difference between my Office 365 account and the “Office 365 University” product?

Your Office 365 account is provided by Seattle University to all students, faculty, staff and alumni.  It is directly attached to your normal Seattle University account.  This account gives you free access to Microsoft web-based tools, such as Exchange email, OneDrive, and web browser versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Office 365 University is a fee-based software subscription between you and Microsoft that allows you to download and install Microsoft applications on multiple devices.  Services purchased via Office 365 University are NOT tied to your SU account.  More information about Office 365 University can be found here.


How do I use the new features like OneDrive and online versions of Microsoft Office?

Please see the Microsoft support site for the most current and accurate Office 365 support materials. You may also see this playlist from on Office 365


What happens when I graduate from SU?

  • Your account is re-licensed as an alumni account.
  • You keep access to your Seattle U email for life.
  • You no longer have access to OneDrive, or access to Microsoft Office through SU (online or downloaded to your computer).


If I am about to graduate, how can I prepare regarding Office 365?

  • You will lose access to OneDrive, your online file storage. To avoid losing your files stored there, download all files and documents onto your personal computer. Files can be re-uploaded to the cloud using a free service like Google Drive if you prefer.
  • You will no longer be able to use online versions of Microsoft Office programs like Word or Excel. If you would like to keep access, please refer to Microsoft's site to buy a subscription.
  • If you have downloaded Microsoft Office onto your personal computer or mobile device through your Seattle University account, your license will no longer be active and you will not be able to use those programs. But buying a license is easy, please refer to Microsoft's site .


I am an SU Alumni, and also a current SU staff/faculty/adjunct.  Do I have an Office 365 account?

Yes, you will have an Office 365 account and your account features will not change. 


How do I access SharePoint in Office 365? 

ITS does not currently have resources available to develop or manage SharePoint for SU departments. If your department is interested in developing and managing a SharePoint presence please contact the University CIO Chris Van Liew. (


How do I set up mail forwarding with Office 365?

For instructions on setting up mail forwarding in Office 365, please take a look at the following Microsoft support article.


How do I learn more about Office 365? 

Visit Microsoft's Office 365 Learning Center. One great resource is the "Learn your way around Office 365" link. 

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