CRP Policies, Process & Documentation

CRP Policies

CRP Funding Policy

This policy contains general CRP funding knowledge and can answer the following:

  • What devices can I spend CRP funding on?
  • How is CRP funding assigned?
  • Can I use funds outside of CRP to purchase CRP devices?
  • Can old devices be purchased?
  • What can I spend additional faculty funding on?

CRP Device Exception Policy

This policy contains reasoning behind the why CRP has exception devices along with the exception process using the CRP Non-Standard Device Exception Form

Computer Refresh Processes

After the Division CRP coordinator submits the order for a new device, ITS will reach out to the customer directly to gather information on additional software needs, cables, etc. ITS will deliver new devices and any accessories to your office with complete instructions for logging in and completing the process.

  •  As orders are collected, our Program Manager will contact each customer to get office details including the building and room number and we will deliver the device to your office.
  • You will then go to your office at a time that is convenient for you to complete the setup process, transfer any files via OneDrive, and confirm the new computer is working as expected. If you need assistance transferring your files to OneDrive, please open a ticket and schedule a remote support appointment.
  • It is important that your old device be returned to us within 5 business days. Please work with your CRP coordinator to ensure its return. If the device isn’t returned to us, future deliveries to your area may be held.

CRP Documentation & Training

Data Migration

Use Microsoft OneDrive to migrate data from your old to your new device. Check out Microsoft’s online OneDrive guide, or watch a short OneDrive training video.

 To migrate browser bookmarks follow this Migrate Browser Bookmarks for Chrome, Firebox, and Internet Explorer.