Computer Refresh Program FAQ

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What is the Computer Refresh Program?

The Computer Refresh Program (CRP) ensures the efficient replacement of the computers used in our classrooms, computer labs, public spaces and offices. The goal of this initiative is to provide Seattle University students, faculty and staff with current and reliable technological tools for their work and studies.

Do I need to sign up?

No, you are already on our list.

What is the technician doing in this process?

Your older machine will be replaced with a new and improved model with Windows 10 (PCs) or Sierra (Macs). Your documents, files, and archives will be copied onto your new one. Finally, any special programs (ex. iTunes, ImageNow, Raiser's Edge, etc) will be installed on your new machine.

How long does it take to replace my computer?

Computer replacements take approximately 45 minutes per device. 

What data gets transferred?

Everything related to your profile, including your Desktop, Favorites, Documents, Outlook archives, and the contents of your C: drive.

Does CRP include Monitors/Docking Stations?

No. We only supply the computer desktop or laptop. Computer Refresh Funding does not cover the purchase of docking stations, or additional peripherals such as monitors, ergonomic keyboards or wireless mice.

All items can be purchased through ProcureSU:


Catalog to Use: 

Found under: 

Docking Station 


Standard Configurations 


Dell or CDW-G 

Approved Electronics (near the bottom of the page) 


CDW-G, Office Depot, or Amazon 



CDW-G, Office Depot, or Amazon 


Please contact Technical Purchasing at or 206-296-2317 for further pricing and quotes.

Note: A mouse and keyboard are provided for new desktops.

What if I need a laptop sleeve or laptop cover?

CRP funds do not cover these purchases. Please purchase these through ProcureSU using the Amazon catalog.  Please refer to the model information page for the size of your computer.

What if I need more RAM or memory?

Additional RAM and memory are included in your CRP budget. Please let your Department Coordinator know, so they can add it to the order form.

My computer keeps crashing. Can I be bumped up on the list?

Please work through your refresh coordinator.

Can I keep my old computer and be skipped for this round of CRP?

To ensure that our inventory is accurate and up-to-date, we replace each computer one for one. 

What operating system will I be receiving on the new computer?

For PCs, we install Windows 10. For Macs, they come with Sierra. 

What if my new computer is so amazing that I want to send you all a cake or a thank you?

Thank you so much for being so sweet! Send positive feedback to the Computer Refresh Team directly at or you will also have the chance to fill out a survey when your ticket is closed! 

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Computer Refresh Team at

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