WebAdvisor & Self-Service

WebAdvisor & Self-Service provide access to student and employee records including grades, restrictions, schedule, and pay advices.

Accessing WebAdvisor & Self-Service

Please visit webadvisor.seattleu.edu and log in with your SU account credentials.

What is Self Service?

Self-Service is the replacement for Colleague WebAdvisor. It will serve as the new online application that allows Seattle University students, advisors, faculty, and staff to better interact with information in a more user friendly and technologically advanced way. Self Service can be accessed at my.seattleu.edu.

Current Active Features of Self Service

  • Financial Aid
  • Tax Information
    • W-2 for employees
    • 1098-T for students
  • Project Accounting
  • Graduation Application
  • Proxy for Financial Aid

What is Student Planning?

Student Planning is an online tool for students and advisors to assist with degree completion.  It offers the ability to preview degree plans, allowing students and their advisors to see their progress and whether they are on-track for graduation.  Furthermore, “what-if” analyses make it easier for students and advisors to determine the impacts of changing majors, changing degrees, and adding minors.

For university's administration, a centralized and up-to-date system of students’ intended course maps over years will allow the SeattleU to offer the courses students want and need based on the projected demand for classes. This, in turn, will lead to higher student satisfaction and a confident administration able to make prudent financial planning decisions.

Benefits of Self-Service & Student Planning

  • Students and their families can navigate their degree plan, course registration, advising, and payments more effectively using desktop or mobile devices.
  • Staff can spend their time more efficiently.
  • Faculty Advisors can better assist their students and keep track of their degree progress, all in a central location for communication and academic assessment.
  • Seattle University will have new opportunities to improve enrollment, student retention, and student success.

Planned for 2019-2020

Over the course of 2019, many current WebAdvisor services as well as brand new capabilities will transition to the Colleague Self-Service and Student Planning interface. To facilitate a smooth transition, each phase of work will integrate rigorous testing, training and applicable change management methods led by stakeholder teams composed of subject matter experts from across the University.

The 2019 phases of implementation will affect Human Resources, Finance & Payroll, Registration, Advising and interaction with one’s personal information (name, nickname, gender identity, preferred pronoun, address, email, phone, and emergency contact information).

Completion of the Self Service and Student Planning project is slated for September 2020.

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