Colleague UI

Colleague UI (User Interface) is an Enterprise Resource Planning system used by Seattle University to manage Student, Finance and Human Resources data. Access to this system is controlled and requires an administrator's authorization. 

Note: On March 26, 2018 Colleague UI 4.6 was upgraded to UI version 5.4. For more information, please visit Colleague UI Upgrade.

Accessing Colleague UI

Access Colleague via the web at If you are off-campus, you need to access Colleague using a VPN or VDI session.

To request access to Colleague UI data, the supervisor of the person in need of the access must submit the following form to be approved by the appropriate data steward(s). Please make sure to follow all directions before submitting the form.

Colleague Access Request

Colleague Assistance

For access requests and questions please contact the appropriate data steward (listed on the Colleague Access Request form).

Colleague Refresh Schedule

ITS is committed to ensuring Colleague is being optimally utilized. We follow a DEV-TEST-PROD model for Colleague in which development work is done in DEV and testing is completed in TEST before any changes are made in PROD. We use the conversion (CNV) environment to do proof of concept testing for system setup and other new ways of working with Colleague. Every 6 weeks, we refresh these environments from PROD to ensure that all our working environments closely mirror one another. 

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