Letter Requests

Letter Request from the ISC

The International Student Center can provide a letter of support for an F-1 visa renewal, Social Security Number, Residence ID/Driver's License, Proof of Enrollment, or an Invitation Letter to support a family member's visa application to come to the US for graduation only*. The invitation letter is only a support document and does not guarantee their visas will be approved.  

Requesting a Letter:

  • Download, print, and fill out the Letter Request Form. Make sure to:
    • Fill in your general information correctly
    • Drop off the letter request form at the International Student Center, PAVL 160 or email to isc@seattleu.edu 
  • Depending on which type of letter you are requesting, you may need to attach other information/documents to your letter request form:
    • If you are requesting a letter in support of a Social Security Number, be sure to include the information listed on our SSN page
    • If you are requesting a letter in support of a Driver's License or State ID, be sure to first review the information listed on our State ID and Driver License page.

Once you have provided the Letter Request Form to the ISC, it will take us 5 - 8 business days to complete your request. You will get an email from your advisor to your SU email letting you know your letter is ready.