Lounge and Kitchen Reservations



The ISC Lounge and Kitchen are available for reservations for Seattle University clubs, organizations, or departments. 

  • Deposit: To book your reservation, we require a deposit fee of $50. Once the event is complete and the lounge is returned in the same condition, then you will receive your deposit back. If there are any damages at the end of your event, the deposit fee will be used to repair the damages.

  • Student Event Monitor Information: We must hire a student monitor for the event. You will be charged $15 per hour for this service. This fee cannot be waived and the fee needs to be paid at the time you submit your reservation for the Lounge. NOTE: You are responsible to pay for the monitoring time reflected on the reservation form. Please make sure the time is appropriate for the entire length of your event (set-up, event duration & clean-up).       


Reservation Forms

  • Submit Reservation and Agreement forms 2 weeks prior to your event
  • Deposit required: Use Journal Entry Form
  • Event Monitor required to monitor the space ($15/hr)
  • You must have your own plates and utensils.