International Student Center

Student Leaders

Melia Lawrence

Desk Assistant

Hi! My name is Melia Lawrence and I hail from the hot and humid land of Indonesia, Jakarta. Although that is my nationality, I spent most of my life in Singapore, so I consider both countries my home country. I major in Strategic Communications in Seattle University and am absolutely loving my major and everything about it. I am interested in getting to know people from different walks of life, I also enjoy getting coffee and having good conversations! I like to binge watch Disney movies with my Pug, Hiro, and one of my favorite things to do is reading indoors in the cold Seattle weather. We’re all about fostering community here in the ISC, so if you ever feel like being a part of it, hop on in and participate in one of our many activities!

Takumu Tamazawa

Desk Assistant

My name is Takumu Tamazawa. I am an international student from Japan and study accountancy and computer science. I have been in the states for two years and transferred from Seattle Central College in the Spring 2015. I am currently a desk assistant and an orientation leader at ISC. Besides learning new cool coding at home, I like to volunteer in the community and walk around parks on the weekends. I like to assist students who have decided to embark academic career at Seattle University; I am always at International Student Center, so feel free to stop by and say hi! Looking forward to meeting you.

Anh Phan

Desk Assistant

My name is Anh Phan, and I am from Vietnam, a country that is known for humidity and Pho. I am a Pre-Med student, majoring in Accounting and minoring in Biology.  Prior to Seattle University, I attended Edmonds Community College. I love Edmonds CC but Seattle University really enhances my experience with a wide array of opportunities for personal growth. Working at the ISC has allowed me to meet students from around the world. Many of the international students come from countries that I wish to visit one day or have already visited, so it is very interesting to hear about the real experience. Even though I read a lot about different countries and cultures, nothing can trump a good story from a native.  ISC is all about you and your success. Stop by and say hello :) !

Angel Wang

Programming Assistant

Hello! My name is Angel (Yi-ting Wang). I am an international student from Taipei, Taiwan. I am currently study in Pre-business and thinking of marketing for my major. This is my six years of studying in states; I was studied in Vermont for my four years of high school and almost two year now at Seattle University. It has been lots of fun and excellent experiences study in states and definitely some challenges. Over all, it has been great! I love watching movies (comedy, actions, romance, adventure, etc.), TV shows (Big Bang Theory, Modern family, Lost, Orange is the New Black, etc.) and cooking during my free time. One way for me to learn different cultures is by cooking different recipes from diverse countries. Travel around the world and volunteer is the biggest dream of my life. I love helping out and sharing smiles and happiness with others. Hope to see you all, Stop by anytime at ISC if you have any questions or feel free to come and say hi.

Sebastian Pronin

Programming Assistant

Oi, tudo bom? My name is Sebastian an international student from Brasil. Initially I was born in Chile, moved to Guatemala when I turned 6 and 4 years after went to the place that I now consider home, Brasil. I love travelling, given that this is the fourth country I’ve resided in, it is a must. I have been to almost every continent; Oceania is waiting for me still. I am a very musical person, love listening to any kind of music and can play pretty much any instrument that is given to me. Sports are also a very big part of my life. I always loved watching soccer (is that too obvious?) and found a new love for rugby here at school. Can’t wait to meet y’all!

Danlei Chen

Programming Assistant

Hi everyone, I am Danlei Chen, an international student from China. I am a MPAC student in Albers. I love cooking, sharing amazing moments with friends, and hugging my incredible cat. I love SU, in here, you will create precious memories. ISC is a super cool department that welcome not only international students but also domestic students. Please stop by anytime at our ISC lounge to relax, have food and to chat with the staff. We will make you feel like home.