International Student Center


  • What has the department done for you?


    The International Student Center is an extraordinary department at Seattle University, driven with core strength and values for helping International Students succeed in their career. In addition to my studies at Seattle University, I had a pleasure of working in the ISC, in a culture that promotes Seattle University's mission and goals. ISC has played a key role in my success at SU as it has helped me get involved in the community, helped me understand diverse cultures, and connected me with people for mentorship. The ISC also helped me become an Ignatian Leader for the year 2012-13. ISC has helped so many students over the years and it will always play a key role in the career success of students.

    - Niraj Kamat, Albers School of Business and Economics, former International Student from India, 2012 Ignatian Leadership Honor Society 


    Diversity is one of Seattle University's core values and I believe that we can see it integrated well in the International Student Center's effort. I have felt extremely comfortable and at home with the ISC as I was able to retain my Saudi culture, beliefs, and values that made my experience here much more fruitful. I was able to share my culture and beliefs with the Seattle university community by organizing different events like the month of fasting for Ramadan and the Eid celebration. We really felt supported by Seattle University when the President, Father Sundborg, joined us for the days of Ramadan and that meant a lot to us. The International Students Center (ISC) is my favorite spot in Seattle University for different reasons. In addition to the free food, there are cool events, like going to the Mariners games, salsa dancing, and our biggest event the international dinner. But, most importantly, it's my favorite spot because that's where I go to get my Immigration Form 20 singed. I was fortunate to join the International student center team and work with fabulous and talented people there. The ISC isn't only about events with free food and I20s and OPT and CPT, it's more than that. The ISC is about family values, about helping each other and caring about each other. And I'm really glad to be a member of this family.

    - Abdulrhman Alanzy, SU Alum, College of Arts & Sciences (Public Affairs Program), former international student from Saudi Arabia