Photo of Rosália António

Rosália António

Programming Assistant

Building/Room: PAVL 160

Hello! My name is Rosália António, I was born and raised in Mozambique and my home language is Portuguese. I have been in the United State since 2018 where I completed my high school and an AA degree in Fine Arts at Seattle Central College. During my two years of community college, I fell in love with leadership, which helped me decided my next step in life. Currently, I am majoring in a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with the goal of pursuing a master's in education for teaching to influence young lives. During my free time, I love to read books in general. I see books as a very good tool to learn about things in life including cultures. I also like to watch, paint, and walk.  

Lastly, I am happy to be at ISC where I have the opportunity to reach you through our fun events!

Photo of Jun Kim

Jun Kim

Desk Assistant

Building/Room: PAVL 160

Hello! My name is In Jun Kim and I am from South Korea. Ever since I was young, I have been studying abroad so I’ve been moving around a lot. I have lived in New Zealand, Australia and Berkeley, CA and currently I am in Seattle pursuing my masters in Kinesiology! I graduated from Seattle University with a bachelors in Sport and Exercise Science and wanted to continue my journey in the field of sports science at Seattle University. During my free time, I love playing soccer and going to the gym. If you are a soccer fan, feel free to come by the ISC to talk to me all about it - I am more than happy to gossip on and on about soccer! Some other things I love to do are going on hikes, listening to music and binge watching Netflix whenever I have the time to do so. I am very excited to meet and assist all of you, so if you have anything you want to talk about or ask, don’t think twice and just knock on our door!

Photo of Sayuri King-Barron

Sayuri King-Barron

Graduate Intern

Building/Room: PAVL 160

Hello! My name is Sayuri King-Barron and I am a Graduate Intern at the ISC. I am pursuing my Master’s in Student Development Administration with the hopes that after graduation I can continue supporting international students like you! My undergraduate degree is in Japanese Literature and Communication and my freshman year was at Arizona State University, so I absolutely love desert flora and fauna. I transferred to the University of Washington and my senior year was spent studying abroad at Tokyo University. That experience was unforgettable, and our cohort remains close to this day. In my spare time I enjoy exploring new skills with my family whether it be cooking a new food dish or trying a new instrument. I wind down by knitting, watercolor, or hugging my dog, Odin. I look forward to assisting and getting to know you all!

Photo of Cheick Konta

Cheick Konta

Desk Assistant

Building/Room: PAVL 160

Hello! My name is Cheick A. Konta and I am from West Africa, precisely Mali. Mali is a land-locked country with a population of over 20 million people. I was born in the capital city, Bamako. I moved to the U.S. in 2014 to pursue a degree in business. In 2019, I graduated from Western Washington University with my MBA. After working for a few months, I decided to pursue a second master’s degree in Computer Science at Seattle University.

In free time, I love playing soccer, working-out, cooking, and learning about other cultures. I prioritize traveling to new places anytime I can. So far, I have been to four continents: Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. Additionally, I have also been to 22 states in America. I believe traveling and stepping out of my comfort zone is the best way to learn and be a better person.

Photo of Vanesa Wie

Vanesa Wie

Desk Assistant

Building/Room: PAVL 160

Hello everyone! My name is Vanesa, and I am an international student from Indonesia. I am a third-year student who transferred from Green River College, where I earned an AA degree. I really value diversity and love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I am a huge dog lover, and just seeing a dog can make me super happy.

I enjoy hearing other people's stories and spending quality time with them as I can be closer and get to know them better. I'm very excited to meet all of you, and please don't hesitate to contact me or stop by the ISC office. We are here to assist you, and please keep in mind that you are not alone. You have us!

Photo of Jane Hsin-Yu Yang

Jane Hsin-Yu Yang

Desk Assistant

Building/Room: PAVL 160

My name is Jane. I was born in Taiwan and raised in Shanghai. My mother tongue is Mandarin, but nowadays, I think more in English. I am also conversational in Spanish. I am always deeply intrigued by different languages and cultures, and I love to travel to immerse myself in them.

 I earned my undergraduate degree at UW, double-majoring in English Literature and Communications. Currently, I am in SU's Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program—making my childhood dream of becoming a clinical counselor a reality.

 In my free time, I love to take long walks, go on outdoor runs, draw/paint, play the guitar/piano, sing and make music with friends, play basketball, watch Animal Planet, and continue in my attempt to finish all of the books I have on my bookshelf.

 I’m excited to be here at the ISC, and I hope that I can meet you all! Please swing by if you need anything or just want to say hello.