Protocol Forms

Please read all relevant policies and procedures before submitting a protocol.

  • We accept electronic submissions only. Send all materials as attachments to
  • Always download the most recent forms from this site.
  • Submit all individual parts (informed consent, appendices, flyers, recruitment scripts) as separate, clearly labeled files (e.g., LASTNAME.SurveyInstrument.DATE, or LASTNAME.InformedConsent.DATE). Use PDF or Word only -- no JPGs or OneDrive submissions.
  • Review and initial the application checklist to ensure you have provided all required elements for a complete protocol submission.

Submission Forms

Always use most recent forms, or you will be asked to resubmit the application. [Forms updated January 2018.]


Informed Consent Documents

To ensure all required informed consent elements are present, we encourage researchers to use these sample templates. However, you may edit the templates or submit an alternate consent form to meet the needs of your particular research study.



Other Forms