Ceding Oversight to a Non-SU IRB

For expedited and exempt protocols, SU affiliates collaborating with researchers at other institutions may request that the SU IRB cede oversight to another institution by submitting that institution’s approved final protocol, along with the approval letter. Our SU IRB reviewers will determine whether the approved protocol meets our institutional policies and requisite human subjects protections. If so, the SU IRB will formally cede oversight to the approving institution, and the SU affiliate will not need to go through further SU IRB review for this research protocol.

However, because different institutions have different thresholds for determining review levels, a protocol determined to be exempt by one institution may require a higher review level at another (or vice versa). In some cases, the SU IRB may require the SU affiliate to submit the protocol as an independent submission to the SU IRB.

When planning any collaborative research with individuals at other institutions, you should consult with the IRB early in the process.

Note: no SU affiliate may engage in any aspect of a study until receiving written documentation from the SU IRB regarding ceding oversight.