Appeal of IRB Decisions

If the IRB votes to disapprove a research protocol, it will include in its written notification a statement of the reasons for its decision, based on specific Federal regulatory criteria. 

A principal investigator may appeal this decision by writing a letter to the IRB requesting reconsideration. At the discretion of the chair, the investigator may make such an appeal in person and/or in writing to the IRB. An appeal of a disapproved research project must be reviewed at a full board meeting.

After review and discussion of appeal materials and/or presentation by the researcher, the IRB will vote by simple majority whether to approve the appeal and allow the research to commence. If the IRB upholds its vote to disapprove, suspend, or terminate a project, the decision may not be appealed again. Nor may it be reversed by any administrator, other officer or agency of Seattle University, state government or Federal government. 

The IRB retains the final authority for approval of proposed research with human subjects.